What we offer?

Electrical Maintenance

Becka Electrical is a Brisbane-based electrical and solar company dedicated to providing high-quality service and support. With services ranging from new home electrical wiring to remote solar installation, we have the expertise and proficiency to provide the energy you need to keep the power flowing.

Test & Tag

At Becka Electrical, our goal is to provide safer homes and workplaces by delivering professional service that exemplifies attention to detail. Using great and reliable technology, we’re able to plan out preventive maintenance and electrical safety checks. This helps you avoid preventable and disastrous accidents, or any legal complications that could follow.

Solar Installations

Becka Electrical technicians are experienced installers and Clean Energy Council Accredited trained to deliver efficient, high-quality work when installing grid connected solar power systems. Solar power can measurably reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, while simultaneously providing domestic, commercial, and industrial markets reliable and cost-effective renewable energy solutions.  

Who We Are?

Brisbane Electricians – Becka Electrical Brisbane your Brisbane Electrician specialises in, and has been providing, high quality electrical services for Brisbane domestic residential, commercial, strata and real estate clients over many years. Becka Electrical Brisbane electricians service all your electrical needs across the Brisbane Area. Becka Electrical Brisbane electricians offer a range of electrical maintenance services. These include installing power points, replacing down lights, operating on safety switches and switch boards, installing smoke alarms and smoke detectors, phone cabling and data cabling, fault finding and hot water service.


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