Electrical and Maintenance

Becka Electrical is a Brisbane-based electrical and solar company dedicated to providing high-quality service and support. With services ranging from new home electrical wiring to remote solar installation, we have the expertise and proficiency to provide the energy you need to keep the power flowing. Becka Electrical is one of the listed contractors that are accredited installers through the Clean Energy Council . And not only do our licensed electricians come with years of experience, our training and flexibility allow us to be the only resource you’ll ever need. We provide the expertise to ensure your electrical work is completed on time, on budget, and up to standard.

Service & Support

At Becka Electrical, our goal is to create the best experience when you’re receiving our services. We value your partnership and your satisfaction; that’s why we will always serve you with respect and integrity. We will also always ensure that our technicians are the most highly-trained, responsive, and knowledgeable tradesmen that you will find in the business.

  • Efficiency

We want to provide you with electrical service that keeps you productive and competitive. As such, we will work to offer you services that minimize your downtime, lessen your workload, and integrate your services.

  • Rapid Response

Let’s face it; every second you have downtime, you’re losing money. That’s why Becka Electrical offers rapid service, experienced technicians, and innovative solutions when it comes to your electrical needs.

Solar Installations

The benefits of using solar power are bountiful. Not only do they save money on electric bills, they rude emissions (carbon footprint), provide a renewable energy resource, and happen to be low maintenance. There are also government rebates to be had that reduce the cost of installing the system.

Test & Tag

At Becka Electrical, our goal is to provide safer homes and workplaces by delivering professional service that exemplifies attention to detail. Using great and reliable technology, we’re able to plan out preventive maintenance and electrical safety checks.